Frequently asked questions

Is uranium legal to own?

Yes! it is legal for individuals to possess uranium under the regulations set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). These regulations state that any person can own uranium without the need for a specific license!

Is uranium dangerous?

Uranium emits a pretty low amount of radiation. Natural uranium gives off a mix of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It is not dangerous to be around for short amounts of time however it could cause health problems if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. It is advised you wear gloves when handling all ore samples.

How is the radioactivity measured?

We use 3 different devices to help give buyers an idea of what their device might read. The devices we use are a Ludlum model 3 survey meter with a 44-9 pancake probe, a GQ GMC-300E Plus Geiger counter as well as a Better Geiger Model S-1 Radiation Detector. The measurements done with the Ludlum device are done at a distance of 2 inches from the object while the measurements done by both the GMC-300E and the Model S-1 are taken at direct contact with the object.

How do I safely store these items?

Uranium ore can be stored securely in containers like display cases or sample jars without major concerns. Even when kept in such containers, a Geiger counter will still register some radiation, as uranium ore contains a mix of various isotopes from the uranium decay chain that emit a small amount of gamma radiation. And due to the presence of a minor amount of natural radium in uranium ore, it may emit radon gas. While this is generally not a significant issue, you can take precautions by either sealing the sample in a container or placing it in a well-ventilated area. The emitted radon gas is minimal and poses no substantial harm.

Regarding uranium glass and ceramics featuring uranium-based glazes, they can be safely displayed in glass or plastic display cases. Glass and plastic materials effectively shield against most of the alpha and beta radiation emitted by these items, ensuring their safe display.

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